Grillz Fitment: Tips and Tricks for Achieving the Perfect Fit on Your Gold or Diamond Teeth

If you're considering getting a custom set of grillz, you might be wondering how to make sure they fit your teeth properly. Getting the right fit is essential for comfort, and it's important to work with a trusted grillz manufacturer to ensure a great result. In this article, we'll go over some tips and tricks for achieving the perfect fit on your grillz, whether they're made of gold or diamonds.

Taking a Good Mold of Your Teeth

The first step in getting grillz that fit properly is to take a good mold of your teeth. If you're shopping online, many manufacturers, like Grillz Montreal, will send you a custom mold kit along with a step-by-step molding tutorial video. If you're located in Montreal or Toronto , you can visit Grillz Montreal’s office and have one of their professionals take your mold for you.

Grillz should fit snugly on your teeth but should not cause you any pain. It may take some time to get used to wearing your custom grillz, but they shouldn't cause excessive discomfort or fall off easily. Keep in mind that after wearing and taking off the grillz a few times, they may loosen up a bit due to the softness of gold, but you can easily squeeze the piece slightly to make the grillz fit more snugly if needed.

Adjusting the Fitment of Your Grillz

If your grillz don't fit the way you'd like them to, reach out to the manufacturer and let them know what you're experiencing. Sometimes, if the mold of your teeth isn't accurate, the grillz won't fit properly. This is especially common with single tooth grillz. To avoid fitment issues, make sure to work with an experienced and trustworthy grillz manufacturer who will take a precise mold of your teeth and has experience in the dental field.

If your grillz are a little loose, you can use your fingers or jewelry pliers to gently squeeze them to make them fit more snugly. Be careful not to bend the gold too much or make them too tight to wear on your teeth. If the grillz are too tight and "pop-up" when you push them down on your teeth, you'll need to loosen them up a bit. This will require jewelry pliers and may involve getting a new mold of your teeth and having the manufacturer make small adjustments to fit your mold better.

If you have diamond grillz that don't fit properly, your manufacturer may be in trouble. It's usually difficult to make fitment adjustments after the diamonds have been set, as bending the gold can alter the setting of the diamonds and cause them to loosen and fall out. To avoid this issue, Grillz Montreal has clients try on the gold version of the grillz before setting the diamonds, to ensure a perfect fit once the stones are in place.

If your diamond grillz still don't fit properly, you may need to add sizing beads to the back of the grillz to fill any gaps between the grillz and your teeth. This can help secure the grillz and make them more comfortable to wear