Are you interested in purchasing a pair of custom grillz? Have you ever wondered how they are made? In short, the process starts with taking dental impressions of your teeth, molding them to fit perfectly, and then casting gold over the mold to create your unique grillz. Let's take a closer look at the steps involved in making custom grillz from start to finish.

Dental Impressions

Before any custom grill can be made, the jeweler will need to take a set of dental impressions of your teeth. These impressions will be used to create a mold that fits perfectly over your teeth. You can get dental impressions made at a local dentist's office or use a home molding kit to do it yourself. Depending on the jeweler you choose, they may have a specific process for handling the impressions.

Casting the Molds

Once the dental impressions have been taken, the jeweler will use them to create a mold for the grillz. The desired shape will be cut into a plastic sheet and the gold will be poured into the mold through wax tubes that have been installed beforehand. The casting is then placed in a centrifuge, which spins the gold around to ensure it is evenly distributed and all air bubbles are removed.

Trim & Polishing

After the gold has been cast, the grill is removed from the mold and the excess gold around the tubes is trimmed down. The jeweler will also remove any excess casting material that may still be attached to the grill. The final step is polishing the gold to bring out its shine. This process may be repeated several times using a spinning wheel and a waxy material.

If you have any questions about the process of making custom grillz or are interested in purchasing a pair, don't hesitate to contact us. You can reach us by email at info@grillzmontreal.com. We are here to assist you before, during, and after your purchase.



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