You may have wanted to purchase a pair of Grills for yourself, but have you ever wondered just how they are made? In a nutshell, the jeweler takes a person's dental impressions, molds their teeth, and then pours the gold casting over it to fit your teeth perfectly! Let's take a closer look at each one of these steps below so you can fully understand how to make custom grills from start to finish. 

Dental Impressions 

Before any custom grill can be made, the jeweler will need a set of your dental impressions. This way they can cast a mold of the gold around the impressions. This will allow them to create a grill that fits perfectly over your teeth. A local dentist can make mold impressions or you can use a home molding kit to do the impressions yourself. Depending on the jeweler you use, they may have a specific way they handle the impressions that they will inform you of.   These will make the mold, that will look like a fake set of teeth, to which the jeweler will then craft the grill around. 

Casting the Molds 

The professional will cut the desired shape into the plastic sheet to fit the style of grill that the customer ordered. Next, the gold is poured into the casting mold through the wax tubes that were installed prior to this step. Once the gold is inserted into the tubes, the casting is put in a centrifuge. This works to spin the gold around so that it spreads evenly in the casting and removes all the air bubbles in the mixture. 


The gold grill is removed from the casting. The gold that accumulated around the tubes is shaved down so that it becomes flush with the rest of the grill. The jeweler will remove any excess casting material that is still stuck to the grill and then proceed to polish the gold. The polishing process is repeated a few times with the spinning wheel and a waxy material that brings out the true gold shine of the grill. We are here to help you during and after your grills purchase.

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