Create Your Perfect Custom Jewelry at Grillz Montreal

Create Your Perfect Custom Jewelry at Grillz Montreal - Starting from $199!

Unleash Your Imagination - Idea Generation & Screening Whether you have a design in mind or need assistance, Grillz Montreal is here to bring your dream jewelry to life. Our dedicated team will guide you through each step, ensuring the perfect design that resonates with your desires. Choose from our talented free basic graphic designers or opt for our professional graphic designers for larger projects. The choice is yours.

Crafting Excellence - Order Confirmation & Molding At Grillz Montreal, we collaborate closely with our trusted suppliers and production factory to craft a flawless 3D design. Together, we'll finalize the finest materials, plating options, stone settings, and sizes, ensuring every detail exceeds your expectations. Once the 3D design is confirmed, we proceed to create the precise mold for your jewelry. To initiate the process, secure your spot by making a payment at the beginning.

Unveiling Your Unique Creation - The Finished Product In just around 2 weeks, behold the masterpiece that is your custom jewelry. After meticulous craftsmanship at our factory, your one-of-a-kind piece will be ready. With a swift 3-5 day shipping period, followed by an additional 3-5 days for delivery, you can anticipate receiving your cherished creation within a total turnaround time of 3-4 weeks. Trust us when we say, the wait will be entirely worth it.

Materials that Speak Volumes - Choose Your Style Discover a range of material choices designed to suit your preferences and budget. From the affordable elegance of 18k Plated Brass and Stainless Steel to the timeless opulence of 10k - 18k Solid Gold/Silver, we offer options to fulfill your desires.

Stones that Radiate Brilliance - Elevate Your Beauty Enhance your jewelry's allure with our exquisite stone choices. Select from a captivating array, ranging from the pristine simplicity of None to the shimmering beauty of Simulated Diamonds (CZ) and the dazzling brilliance of SI-VS1 Diamonds. With over 30 colors of CZ available, you can find the perfect hue to complement your unique style.

Indulge in the Emotion of Owning a Custom Piece - Let Grillz Montreal Be Your Guide

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