We need a mold of your teeth to make your grills! Click on the picture below to purchase your mold kit now and get started!


Mold Kit Instructions

You will receive a color instruction manual with your mold kit. We recommend you watch the video below and read all instructions before you mix anything.

Your mold kit contains:
-  two colored putties 
- mouth tray(s)
Optional: Practice with the empty tray by pulling your lip away from your teeth, putting the tray in your mouth, and pushing the tray evenly down or up onto your teeth without biting

Step 1: Teeth Impression Using Colored Putty 

Complete this step within 60 seconds

Mix one colored putty and the other for 30 seconds until both putties are well blended, and is one color

After 30 seconds, roll out the putty and place in the mouth tray provided. Make sure the putty is evenly placed in the tray. 

Once you've placed it in the tray, you are now ready to place it into your mouth and make your mold!

Lift your top lip and put the tray straight over your mouth and push it under your teeth. 

Make sure the putty covers your gum line and not to move the tray while its in your mouth waiting so we can get an exact mold of your teeth. 

Set a timer for 6 minutes. 

After the 6 minutes, slowly wiggle the tray off your teeth. This might get a little messy but don't worry that's normal! Just dab lightly on mold to remove any saliva.

Make sure the gum line shows. 


Step 2: Mail The Mold

Wrap up mold in bubble wrap and paper towels to prevent damage while shipping

  • Ensure mold is wrapped up securely in paper towels or bubble-wrap.
  • Package your mold (the original box can be used to return mold).
  • Ensure that the name and address on the box/shipping label match the name and address used when ordering.
  • Stop by your local post office or carrier of your choice & mail your mold to the return address provided below:


890 Marinet Cresent 

Pickering , Ontario L1Z0H1


Contact Us:

E-mail: shawnanthony514@gmail.com

Phone: 289-813-3106