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Matte Grill Tops

Matte Grill Tops

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For a timeless accessory that works with any outfit, choose this stylish unisex top matte grill. The quality gold material gives you the gleam of gold in a durable, everyday finish. Since gold appreciates in value, this true gold piece is an investment. If you're having trouble finding just the right piece, get it custom made for a look you'll still love years later.

Also, when you're checking out with a grill you can go and specify which teeth you want in the cart notes and we will make your grill using the teeth you've selected! For example: Teeth L3 - R3 or Teeth L2 and L3

All items are made to order. The estimated ship time for this product is 24-60 days from the day we receive the mold. All mold kits are express ship to client.

All Grillz Include Free Mold Kit And Priority Shipping!