8 Silver Window Grills Canada
8 Silver Window Set

8 Silver Window Set

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Enhance your everyday style with these silver window-styled grillz. These grillz are the perfect accessory to any outfit and can easily be paired with other jewelry. They look great on any skin tone and add a subtle shine to your smile.

When you purchase a grill, you can specify which teeth you want included in the cart notes. For example, you can select teeth L3 - R3 or teeth L2 and L3. This way, the jeweler can craft your grill specifically for the teeth you have chosen.

All grillz are made to order and have an estimated ship time of 10-14 days from the date we receive the mold. Mold kits are express shipped to the client.

Don't forget, all grillz come with a free mold kit and priority shipping included in the price!

All Grillz Include Free Mold Kit And Priority Shipping!